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Precision Health Platforms

Precision medicine relies on sophisticated algorithms, integrated data sharing networks and highly accessible software interfaces. At Genome.One, we have built an extensive portfolio of innovative software solutions to help grow your precision medicine expertise. We use our precision health platforms in partnership with governments, industry and research groups to reduce costs and improve health outcomes for patients.

Our Software

Patient Archive

Phenotype-oriented patient data management platform

  • Enables clinicians to use free text clinical notes for structured patient phenotyping in the context of genetics
  • Combines the richness of Human Phenotype Ontology with highly intuitive user interfaces
  • Support for intelligent analytics, patient genetic variant match-making and prescriptive phenotyping
Phenotype concept recognition

High precision recognition using Human Phenotype Ontology

  • Available commercially as part of Patient Archive, or freely for academic use on request
  • Serves platforms including University of Washington’s MyGene2 and Baylor’s OMIM Explorer
Community-driven knowledge curation

Innovative platform for curating domain knowledge

  • Intuitive and friendly user interfaces
  • Workflow-based knowledge curation and acquisition
Patient self-phenotyping platform

Unique solution to perform self-characterisation that results in structured patient phenotype profiles

  • Structured phenotype-driven questionnaire building
  • Integration with third party solutions (eg. for consent purposes)
  • Custom phenotype-driven analytics

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