World-leading Australian intelligent data capture platform to aid global advancement in personalised health care

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• Australia’s Genome.One® has partnered with US health network, Sanford Health, to develop a new self-assessment platform that will be used across an extensive network of U.S. hospitals and clinics 

• This new technology translates information from patient questionnaires, clinical notes and other sources into a common language for analysis 

• Joining the dots between patient information and genetic data is integral in expanding what we currently know about disease 

07 June 2017 - Sydney-based health information company Genome.One®, backed by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has secured a new partnership for its pioneering health information technology with one of the biggest health systems in the United States, Sanford Health. 

Genome.One’s self-phenotyping platform will link patient-provided data with the most up to date research and genetic knowledge. 

Marcel Dinger, CEO of Genome.One, said that the partnership would enable integration of comprehensive patient information to unlock the benefits of advances in genetic knowledge for patients, such as diagnosis of rare diseases and uncovering treatments for previously untreatable conditions. 

Dr Dinger said that the Sanford Health partnership was an exciting first step in the use of intelligent clinical data capture in primary care. Sanford’s adoption of Genome.One’s health information technology is paving the way towards other global partnerships and continued relations between the two health companies. 

“Australia’s Genome.One strives to lead the integration of genomic information into health care. We hope that Sanford Health’s investment in Australian technology will be part of a broader partnership as we work together to develop innovative systems for healthcare in both countries.” 

Cornelius Boerkoel of Sanford Health said that the partnership with Genome.One forms a crucial piece of its Imagenetics program. 

“The self-phenotyping program will allow us to further integrate patient-generated and clinical data with genetic information. The integration of data from many sources will help Sanford’s primary care physicians provide the best care to our patients and will be critical in realising the benefits of genome-based personalised health care,” Dr Boerkoel said. 

The program collects patient experiences and data and translates them into machine-readable terms of a clinical standard. Results from multiple patient questionnaires will be able to be fed straight in to the program and linked with other relevant research and knowledge. Providing access to more detailed, patient-specific information will improve clinicians’ ability to tailor treatments and interventions, leading to better healthcare outcomes for the patient. 

The platform will go live across Sanford Health as part of its drive to accelerate its growing genomic healthcare capabilities in the coming months. 

Sanford Health is one of the biggest health systems in the US with 45 hospitals and nearly 300 clinics. Since the launch of its genetics initiative, Sanford Imagenetics, in 2014 Sanford Health has been recruiting and partnering with leaders in the field of genomics and its investment in Australian technology demonstrates the value of Genome.One’s technology within the global healthcare sphere. 

Since Genome.One’s launch last year it has been an Australian leader in genomic healthcare. Partnerships with leading healthcare providers such as Sanford Health are essential steps towards the goal of personalised healthcare. 

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About Genome.One 

Genome.One ( is a pioneering health information company providing genetic answers to life’s biggest health questions through clinical whole genome sequencing. Genome.One aims to enhance the lives of patients, families and communities across the world. Genome.One is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia. 

About the Garvan Institute of Medical Research 

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is one of Australia's largest medical research institutions and is at the forefront of next-generation genomic sequencing in Australia. Garvan’s main research areas are: cancer, diabetes and metabolism, genomics and epigenetics, immunology and inflammation, osteoporosis and bone biology, and neuroscience. Garvan’s mission is to make significant contributions to medical science that will change the directions of science and medicine and have major impacts on human health. 

About Sanford Health 

Sanford Health is an integrated health system headquartered in the Dakotas. It is one of the largest health systems in the nation with 45 hospitals and nearly 300 clinics in nine states and four countries. Sanford Health’s 28,000 employees, including more than 1,300 physicians, make it the largest employer in the Dakotas. Nearly $1 billion in gifts from philanthropist Denny Sanford have allowed for several initiatives, including global children's clinics, genomic medicine and specialised centres researching cures for type 1 diabetes, breast cancer and other diseases. For more information, visit