More Australians set to explore their genome with launch of GoExplore

Genome.One is making genomic testing for healthy individuals more widely available, with the launch of a program that enables people from across Australia to undergo whole genome sequencing and analysis in order to guide their future health decisions.

Genome.One is Australia’s first clinically accredited whole genome sequencing and analysis service, and the new GoExplore™ program opens the door for more people to access information about their risk of inherited conditions.

It comes as Federal Government this month announced a 10-year, $500 million Australian Genomics Health Futures Mission which aims to help Australians live longer and better through access to genomics knowledge and technology. 

A valuable new layer of health information

A report details the individual's risk of 52 inherited conditions and likely response to 220 medications.

Unlike some other genetic tests sold online, the GoExplore genome sequencing takes place in Australia and is provided within a clinical framework involving genetic health professionals. 

Individuals require a doctor referral for the program and Genome.One has developed a growing network of GP referrers who have an interest in preventive health and genomics. 

The program, which costs $4400, includes:

  • Expert guidance: Genetic health professionals provide support both before and after testing in person or via telehealth or phone consults, to help people understand their risks and what they mean for themselves and their family.
  • Genomic risk assessment: The test assesses individuals’ risk of developing 52 different inherited conditions, including cancers, heart conditions and clotting disorders, where monitoring or intervention can be of benefit. After expert analysis of the data, a detailed report on the test and any findings is provided.
  • Pharmacogenomic data: The test shows how individuals are likely to respond to more than 220 medications, many of which are commonly prescribed. This can help patients and their doctors ensure the most appropriate medications are prescribed.

“This additional layer of health information gives individuals an insight into their risks and empowers them with information that they can discuss with their doctor about their future health management,” Genome.One CEO Dr Marcel Dinger said.

“The growing access to genomic information and this more precise approach to managing health is a step towards the next generation in precision healthcare.”

The launch of GoExplore follows last year’s introduction of GoNavigate™, which combines whole genome sequencing and genetic counselling with a comprehensive health assessment and health coaching offered in partnership with Life First at St Vincent’s clinic. 

It also comes after Genome.One opened Australia’s first private clinical genomics clinic in Sydney, to provide genetic counselling and genomic testing to a wide range of patients, including those who are part of the GoExplore program. Individuals can access the clinic in person, or by telephone or telehealth.

Find out more

  • Find out more by calling 1300 466 331 or by visiting GoExplore
  • Read more about our Clinical Service
  • GPs interested in referring patients to the program can find out more here