Genome.One extends personal health genomics program to Asia with new partnership

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  • Genome.One, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, is Australia’s first clinically accredited whole genome sequencing and analysis service.
  • The partnership with leading Asian precision healthcare provider Clearbridge Health will give individuals in Singapore and Hong Kong access to personal health genomics to guide their future health management.

27 June 2018  Genome.One is extending its pioneering personal health genomics program to Asia, after entering a new partnership with Singapore-based healthcare provider Clearbridge Health Limited to give patients in Asia access to high quality whole genome sequencing and analysis services.

Under the partnership, Clearbridge clinicians will refer patients in Singapore and Hong Kong to Genome.One’s comprehensive personal health genomics program, GoExplore™.The program provides sequencing and analyses of patients’ DNA samples to assesses their risk of developing 52 hereditary conditions, including 31 cancers, 13 heart conditions, as well several other conditions where monitoring or intervention can be of benefit. 

It also provides pharmacogenomic data, showing how the individual is likely to respond to over 220 different types of medication to help guide doctors in prescribing medication that will work best for them.

Genome.One’s genetic health professionals will provide support to individuals both before and after testing via telehealth consultations to help patients understand their risks, as well as the implications for themselves and their families. Interpreters will also be available for non-English speaking patients.

The partnership is strongly in line with Clearbridge’s focus on the delivery of precision medicine by enabling healthcare professionals to gain better insights into management of hereditary conditions. 

Dr Marcel Dinger, Chief Scientific Officer, Genome.One said: “We are thrilled to be able to make clinically-accredited genomic testing and analysis more widely available to people outside Australia through our partnership with Clearbridge Health. This new layer of genomic health information can give individuals an insight into their future health risks, and empower them with valuable information to help them take a more proactive approach to managing their health. This growing access to genomic information is a step towards the next generation in precision healthcare.”  

Ms Mary-Anne Young, Head of Clinical Services, Genome.One said:“We have developed a secure telehealth model of care that will enable international clients to access the same genetic counselling services that we provide to patients in Australia. This will ensure individuals have the opportunities to ask questions about what the testing means for them and their family, and that they fully understand any findings from the testing.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mr Jeremy Yee, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Clearbridge, said: “We are pleased to partner with Genome.One to bring genome sequencing and analysis to our patients in Singapore and Hong Kong. This is a ground-breaking test that will allow patients to understand their risk level in terms of hereditary conditions. By analysing one’s unique genomic information and how the human body will react to a host of different medications, we are then able to provide customised and targeted preventive treatments for our patients. This partnership reinforces our commitment as a leading precision healthcare provider, to offer individualised and holistic solutions for optimum patient care.”

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About Genome.One

Genome.One is a pioneering health information company that is leading the way in improving access to genetic information, through clinically-accredited genomic analysis and the development of novel healthcare applications. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Garvan Institute of Medical Research and is enhancing the lives of patients, families and communities by enabling the future of precision healthcare.

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About Clearbridge Health Limited 

Clearbridge Health Limited is a healthcare company with a focus on the delivery of precision medicine in Asia. Its business comprises laboratory testing services, medical clinics/centres and strategic equity participation in complementary precision medical technology companies. Through the delivery of precision medicine in Asia, it seeks to empower clinicians and healthcare professionals to make more reliable and accurate diagnoses, provide insights to disease management, and tailor personalised prevention and timely treatment programmes for patients. 

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