Australia's first whole genome and health assessment service to provide an unprecedented insight into our current and future health

• Cutting-edge service combines whole genome sequencing with a full health assessment providing an unprecedented level of health information

• The service currently identifies genetic risk for 49 conditions - including 31 types of cancer and 13 heart conditions as well as the body’s response to more than 220 medications

• Pioneering service was launched today by Genome.One, a health information company wholly owned by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research

20 June 2017 –Today marks a significant step towards the next generation of healthcare with the launch of the country’s first clinical service that combines whole genome sequencing with a comprehensive health assessment to enable a more precise approach to managing health.

The cutting-edge personal health management service, launched by Genome.One and Life First, uses genomic, health and lifestyle information to provide a comprehensive picture of an individual’s health today together with insight into health risks for their future. The service is delivered by a team of health professionals who can offer information, expert interpretation to understand what this information means, and support and advice on what can be done to reduce identified risks.

Dr Marcel Dinger, CEO of Genome.One, said that the launch of this service signals the beginning of a new era in understanding of an individual’s health and the prevention and management of disease. “Advancements in genomic understanding means that with this service we can detect a person’s increased genetic risk for more than 49 conditions across more than 230 genes. These include 31 types of cancer and 13 heart conditions where monitoring and intervention can be of benefit, as well as the body’s predicted response to more than 220 medications.

“Genetic information provides an entirely new dimension to understand your health – but its value is best realised in the context of other health data. Personal and family medical history and lifestyle are key components for consideration in this service,” Dr Dinger said. The personal health management service combines whole genome sequencing and genetic counselling with a comprehensive health assessment that is offered in partnership with Life First at St Vincent’s Clinic under specialist clinical supervision.

John Hall, CEO of Life First, said that bringing genomic information into the context of overall health and wellbeing is valuable to providing a more comprehensive assessment of an individual’s risk of disease. “The purpose of the clinical component of this service is to maintain health and wellness, recognise and address risk factors that may lead to future disease, and to identify current disease. These factors together with the added genetic insight provide a more complete picture than has previously been possible and can empower individuals to take control and more proactively manage their health.”

The clinical health assessment component of the service includes a complete physical examination, physiology review and analysis, extensive pathology testing, health coaching and advice under the guidance of a general practitioner, a dietician and an exercise physiologist. Dr Dinger added that as our knowledge of our genomes is accelerating rapidly, and as more genomic data is collected and analysed, we will gain even greater understanding of how each person's unique genome affects their individual health. This will have a growing impact on our ability to prevent and treat disease.

Today’s launch is a major milestone towards transforming our health system into one based on truly individualised information. Personal genomic information not only empowers individuals to take control of their health and potentially prevent disease, it can also optimise treatment in the clinic. This highly anticipated, more precise approach to managing our health sets the stage for the next generation in healthcare,” Dr Dinger said.


About Genome.One

Genome.One ( is a pioneering health information company providing genetic answers to life’s biggest health questions through clinical whole genome sequencing. Genome.One aims to enhance the lives of patients, families and communities across the world. Genome.One is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia.

In July 2016, Genome.One launched Australia’s first clinical whole genome testing service to provide diagnoses that can guide the care of individuals who are affected by genetic disease. 

About the personal health management service: GoNavigate™ 

The health management service, GoNavigate™, is delivered by Genome.One in partnership with Life First at St Vincent’s Clinic, Sydney. This first-of-its-kind service can be accessed by those 18 years and over and includes a:

• whole genome testing service that provides an assessment of increased genetic risks of certain inherited conditions that could impact future health including: 31 cancers; 13 heart conditions; 5 other inherited conditions where monitoring and intervention can be of benefit. An analysis will be then received predicting an individual’s likely response to approximately 220 medications.

• comprehensive medical assessment in consultation with Life First doctors and exercise physiologists including head-to-toe physical examination, resting and stress ECG, full physiology review and analysis and extensive pathology testing. The GoNavigate service is available at a cost of $6400 (ex.GST). Five percent of Genome.One’s revenue from this service will be committed to supporting Australian families seeking diagnoses for rare and genetic conditions through the iHope network.

Further information can be found at

About Life First and Executive Health Solutions

Life First has been developed from the success and knowledge of its parent company, Executive Health Solutions (EHS). EHS has been a leading provider of executive health and wellbeing programs in Australia for more than 30 years, having completed around 100,000 detailed health screens since its inception within the St Vincent’s Hospital precinct in Sydney.

About the Garvan Institute of Medical Research

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is one of Australia's largest medical research institutions and is at the forefront of next-generation genomic sequencing in Australia. Garvan’s main research areas are: cancer, diabetes and metabolism, genomics and epigenetics, immunology and inflammation, osteoporosis and bone biology, and neuroscience. Garvan’s mission is to make significant contributions to medical science that will change the directions of science and medicine and have major impacts on human health.

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