Australia’s first private genomic clinic opens

Genome.One’s Clinical Service has just opened the doors of Australia’s first private clinical genomics service, to provide genetic counselling and genomic testing to a wide range of patients.

The clinic, in Darlinghurst, Sydney, is staffed by a team of health professionals including clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors, and can accept doctor referrals for patients from across the country.

Patients can be seen in person, or by telephone or telehealth consultations.

Answering genetic health questions

Genome.One Head of Clinical Services Mary-Anne Young, also a genetic counsellor at the clinic, said there were a number of reasons patients might seek a referral to the clinic from their GP or specialist including:

  • Looking for a diagnosis or specialist advice for a complex medical condition that has a suspected genetic basis
  • Wanting to learn about genetic and genomic testing or screening options for a particular condition, such as conditions which are more common in certain ethnic groups
  • Patients with a personal or family history of a medical condition who want to know about their risk and ways to manage it
  • Pre-conception counselling for couples planning to have a child
  • Individuals interested in genomic testing to inform their future health decisions and personalised health management

“The clinical service is another avenue now available for clinicians and their patients who are seeking genetic answers to health questions,” Ms Young said.

After a clinical assessment, patients may be offered genetic or genomic testing.

The clinic charges patient fees in accordance with the Australian Medical Association schedule.

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PHOTO: Head of Clinical Services Mary-Anne Young, Associate Genetic Counsellor Ebony Richardson and Clinical Geneticist Dr Kathy Wu at the new Genome.One clinic.