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How do I order a personal genomics test?

All personal health genomics tests require a referral from a GP or medical specialist. If you are interested in personal health genomics, you can contact us for more information on the referral process or visit GoExplore™ or GoNavigate™

What information will I get in the results?

For both GoExplore™ and GoNavigate™, you will only receive results for variants that are known (on the basis of current scientific knowledge) to cause or increase the risk of the genetic conditions included in the test. You will also receive information on your likely response to certain medications based on your genomic information.

For GoNavigate™, you will also receive results of your comprehensive health assessment, which includes a head-to-toe medical examination and full blood analysis.

For more information, visit GoExplore™ or GoNavigate™

What happens to my genomic information after the test is complete?

In accordance with Australian accreditation requirements, we will continue to securely store your genomic data. We protect your genomic data as confidential health information. We work only with high security data management providers. Your genomic information is stored for the period required by law and generally accepted pathology practice.

Your personal information (including your genomic data) is stored in accordance with the Genome.One Privacy Policy available here.

Can genomic testing affect my insurance?

Under current Australian law, your private health insurance will not be affected by your decision to have genomic testing, or by any result of genomic testing. However, genomic testing can have implications for your ability to obtain risk-rated insurance policies, including life insurance, disability insurance and income protection insurance.

More information on life insurance products and genomic testing can be found at (Fact sheet 20)

Customers from outside of Australia should obtain advice about the implications of genomic testing for insurance in their home country.

Do you provide genetic counselling as part of the test?

Genetic counselling is required for all people undergoing genomic testing for health management with us. Genome.One offers access to experienced genetic health professionals.

Can I access my own genomic information after testing?

You will receive a copy of a report addressed to your doctor, which outlines the findings of your genomic testing. You can also optionally request a copy of your whole genome data files to be sent to yourself or to your doctor. Your genomic data is personal and unique to you, and we treat it with the same care as any sensitive health information – for this reason the files are supplied securely on an encrypted hard drive. For more information about how to request your data files, including information on the fees to prepare and securely deliver them to you, please email

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