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Who can order a personal health genomic test?

This test must be ordered by a health professional such as a medical specialist, clinical geneticist or genetic counsellor. If you are interested in undergoing personal health genomics testing, you can contact us to talk through the referral process or get in touch with one of our authorised healthcare partners.

How long does it take to receive my results?

It can take between 8 to 12 weeks for the final results to be delivered to you. This time starts from when we have received your blood or DNA sample and all necessary consent documentation and payment requirements have been completed.

How are my results returned?

When the results are ready, one of our genetic health professionals will schedule a meeting time with you. The genetic health professional will review your personalised report and discuss the results with you.

What information is provided in the results?

You will only receive results for variants that are known (on the basis of current scientific knowledge) to cause or increase the risk of the genetic conditions for which you requested testing. The personalised report will also provide guidance on how your body is likely to respond to a range of commonly used medications.

What happens to the information after the test is complete?

In accordance with quality assurance and Australian accreditation requirements, we will continue to securely store your genomic data. We protect your genomic data as confidential health information. We work only with high security data management providers.  Your genomic information is stored for the period required by law and generally accepted pathology practice.    

Your personal information (including your genomic data) is stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy available here.

Can genetic testing affect my insurance?

The results of this testing can have implications for your insurance. For risk-rated insurance policies, including life insurance and income protection insurance, you are required to disclose to insurers any personal medical information that may impact new policies being applied for. This includes the results of any pathology or genetic testing you have undertaken. Under Australian law, your health insurance will not be affected by your decision to have genetic testing, or by any result of genetic testing.

More information on life insurance and genetic testing can be found at (Fact sheet 20)

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