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The Personal Health Genomics program is a medical test and as such can only be ordered by a health care professional. This can be your family general practitioner or through a doctor that can be recommend to you. After your discussion with the doctor, the test will be ordered and you will receive referral to meet with a genetic health professional at Genome.One.

Enter the program

When ready to proceed on your genomic health journey, you will meet with one of our genetic health professionals to discuss the process and implications of genomic testing. If you feel this test is right for you, we will start your test and complete the payment process. Alternatively, you will be able to exit the program at this point without further cost.

Analysing your data

Once you have provided us with your blood sample at an accredited pathology collection centre, your whole genome is sequenced and then analysed for differences (variants) in the genes associated with conditions for which you have requested testing.

Interpreting your data

A team of specialists including clinical geneticists, pathologists, laboratory scientists, and bioinformaticians will analyse genomic variants found to determine if they may impact your health.

Understanding your results

A genetic health professional will personally discuss your report with you. We believe it is important to help you understand what your results may mean for you, and how your results might be used by you to maintain and improve your health. You then work with our healthcare partner and/or your usual doctor to take any possible action informed by your genomic and medical information.

An opportunity to learn more

Six months after you receive your results you will have the opportunity to meet again with one of our genetic health specialists at no further cost. You can revisit your experience and learn more about your genome and its impact on your daily life and your immediate family.

Reanalysing your results

Your results and genomic data are securely stored. As our knowledge of genomics and medicine continues to increase, you and your doctor can always contact us to request a reanalysis of your data. Additional charges may apply.

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