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What does GoExplore include?

Genomic risk assessment

GoExplore is an evidence-based assessment of increased genetic risk of over 50 conditions, to help people understand their risk of developing these conditions in the future.  

The test aims to provide medically actionable results, and each gene included in GoExplore is associated with a condition that can potentially be treated, managed, monitored or prevented.

Genetic counselling

GoExplore includes genetic counselling for patients both before and after testing.

Our genetic health professionals can provide comprehensive information and support for patients interested in GoExplore.

After the patient has given consent to go ahead with testing, genetic counselling helps them understand what their results mean for them and their family.

Expert support

GoExplore is a medical test and requires a referral from a GP or medical specialist.

Our genetic health professionals can provide you and your patient with expert advice and resources, to assist with understanding results and managing any identified genetic risks.

With your patient’s consent, you will receive an easy to interpret report detailing the results of genomic testing.

Download an example report

Medication analysis

GoExplore includes a pharmacogenomics analysis to provide insights into how a person’s genes may affect their response to medications.

Pharmacogenomics results can be used throughout a patient’s life to inform prescription decisions. It can be most useful for patients who:

  • Are taking a medication in a class covered by the test
  • Have experienced serious adverse effects from a medication
  • Are about to start a new medication


  • Are currently prescribed multiple medications

The pharmacogenomics analysis included in GoExplore covers more than 220 over-the-counter and prescription medications across a number of classes.

Highest quality technical standards

GoExplore is a NATA/RCPA clinically-accredited medical test (ISO15189)

All variants are classified according to international standards from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) and Association of Molecular Pathology. We only report variants where scientific evidence indicates more than 90% likelihood of the variant being disease-causing, known as likely pathogenic (class 4) or pathogenic (class 5).

Health is complex. Your lifestyle, your environment and the information encoded in your DNA all interact to influence your health. Personal health genomics analyses your genome (the entirety of a person’s genetic material including all their genes) to provide you with a genomic profile. This profile can help you and your doctor to make personalised health decisions.

GoNavigate is a collaboration between Genome.One and LifeFirst. LifeFirst has been developed from the success and knowledge of its parent company, Executive Health Solutions (EHS). EHS has been a leading provider of executive health and wellbeing programs in Australia for more than 30 years having completed around 100,000 detailed health screens since its inception within the St Vincent’s Hospital precinct in Sydney.

How It Works


Your patient needs a referral to the Genome.One Clinical Service to receive GoExplore

Genetic counselling

Your patient will meet our genetic health professionals to discuss any questions they may have

Blood sample

After the patient has decided to go ahead, they will provide a blood sample for testing


After analysis has been completed, your patient will meet our genetic health professionals again to learn about their results

Follow up

We can provide you with support to help manage any genetic risks identified by the test

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