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Promoting innovation and discovery through genome analytics at scale
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Genomic technology is advancing rapidly, and the discoveries being made are having a transformative effect across many industries. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of discovery genomics services to help position our partners at the forefront of genomic innovation. Through our clinically accredited whole genome sequencing service and advanced informatics and software solutions, we provide a leading platform for genomic exploration at scale.


Built on research excellence

For more than 50 years, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research has led scientific discovery and pioneered insights in the areas of cancer, metabolic, neurological, immunological and bone disease. In 2016, Genome.One became the first facility in Australia to be granted accreditation by NATA to perform whole genome sequencing for medical testing. Garvan was uniquely positioned to leverage its advanced sequencing infrastructure, comprehensive computational architecture, innovative data analysis and archiving solutions. Garvan has become a world-leading hub of expertise in generation, analysis, interpretation and application of genomic data.

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