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Genome.One is a pioneering health information company providing genetic answers to life's biggest health questions through clinical whole genome sequencing and analysis. We aim to enhance the lives of patients, families and communities across the world by enabling the future of precision healthcare.

Genome.One is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Genome.One partners with organisations across Australia and the world with a focus in four areas:

Genome.One is developing an increasing portfolio of services and tools to enable precision healthcare, including: convenient and efficient analytical platforms for evaluation of cohort sequencing data, flexible diagnostic and prognostic genetic testing solutions, sophisticated applications that capture and securely share clinical data and highly accessible software interfaces.

Our Mission

Transforming lives through genomics.

Our vision

By 2025, Genome.One technology and services will empower healthcare and lifestyle decision-making using genomic information - for millions of people, in Australia and across the world.

Our Values

We imagine and create the future.

  • We are realising the potential of the genome and in doing so changing the future of healthcare.
  • It takes determination, inspiration and passion to ensure we continue to do so.

Our Values

We transform complexity into simplicity.

  • We use our expertise to turn complexity into simplicity, uncertainty into clarity, and knowledge into action.
  • We make information useful through interpretation and understanding.

Our Values

We do what's right - always.

  • Our discoveries have huge impacts.
  • Operating with honesty, authenticity and respect is non-negotiable: our integrity never wavers.
  • We never lose sight of the people we are here to help.

Our Values

We work openly and collaboratively.

  • We are building an ecosystem that will improve the health of all.
  • Our success depends on working openly and collaboratively with our partners across the globe.

Our Values

We translate science into life changing outcomes.

  • We are powered by the world’s best technology, and we unite the world’s most brilliant minds.
  • In our exceptional environment, extraordinary things are possible.

Meet the Genome.One executive team

Marcel Dinger
Founding CEO
Stephan Brennan
Chief Commercial Officer
Leslie Burnett
Chief Medical Officer
Tudor Groza
Chief Technology Officer
Christina Hardy
Chief Corporate & Legal Officer
Aaron Statham
Chief Bioinformatics Officer
Philip Knox
Garvan Chief Operating Officer

Meet the Genome.One board of directors

Paul Brassil
Marcel Dinger
Nerida Caesar
Russell Scrimshaw
John Kinghorn
Thomas John Martin
Beverley Rowbotham

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